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  • The official Diplo Gaming Squad server is running 24/7 40 vs 40 Central USA Dallas servers to entertain and include all members.

    The server will be a place to meet gamers who want to immerse themselves in the Squad experience. The server is free to play at all times, however there will be a whitelist for VIP front of the line access given to DiploMVPs in return for their support of the community. You can sign up today at patreon.com/diplogg.

    All proceeds from the Patreon go 100% back into the community in the form of community costs, give aways, and special events. We are looking to grow this community and there is no better way than investing into it's future. Thank you for all your continued support, we look forward to meeting and playing with you!

    To access the new Squad server section on Discord, add yourself to the player list by typing: .iam Squad

    Map Rotations: Chora Invasion v1, Skorpo Invasion v1, Kokan Valley Invasion v1, Al Basrah Invasion v2, Belaya Invasion v2, Skorpo Invasion v2, Narva Invasion v1, Chora Invasion v1 Night, Gorodok Invasion v1, Mestia Invasion v2, Yehorivka Invasion v2.

  • Status: Online

    [DG] DiploGaming.com|New Player Friendly|SL Mic Required

  • No Toxic behaviors. Multiple reports will lead to kick from server.

    No racism or homophobic slurs. This will result in permanent ban.

    Multiple TKs will result in kick from server, within reason. Try to apologize.

    All Squad Leaders must have working mics and communicate with other SLs.

    Help any new players. Any toxicity towards players learning the game will be kicked.

    Support the server, VIP white list given to DiploMVPs via Patreon.