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    A Collaborative Dungeons & Dragons Experience
    Project Phoenix (PP for short) is a west-marches styled campaign that puts the players in charge of establishing and growing a colony in a unique world that focuses on player choice.

    Flexible Scheduling
    Our tiered mission structure means that there will not only be scheduled game sessions ahead of time, but also pick up games whenever a DM is available. If you've got a couple of hours on a weekday night and want to roll some dice, just message a DM and we'll do everything we can do get you playing.

    A Community Effort
    Project Pheonix is run and written by a team of DMs with over half a century of RPG experience. Together we have crafted a world we're hoping our players love as much as we do. As we grow the project we'll be looking to players to tell us what you'd like to see from us. We'll be allowing any player the opportunity to join our DM team should they wish to.

    Player Choice
    As players explore the world we've created and grow their colony they'll have all kinds of choices that will impact the story. It's completely up to the players to create, expand, and even rule their colony in whichever way they see fit.
    We encourage players to make submissions for plot that they would like to see in the game for their characters. Our DM team is open to cooperate on living stories that have a real impact.

    We welcome any and all comments and concerns about Project Phoenix and encourage players to attend our weekly DM meetings. We go over all comments and talk about our plans for upcoming content. If you can't make it, no problem - we're always sure to take notes and post them for anyone to review.