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  1. Dresk looked up from his letter. “You lost your rank for more then that. You failed to come up with a plan to pay all of your officers and the soldiers themselves which has lead them to not get trained. It is also for your apparent inability to take responsibility for your actions.” Dresk explained packing his trusted pipe. “You once again want to hide behind getting possessed or being a vampire as the cause of your problems.” The tortel said said then taking a draw from the pipe. “And to be honest, my friend, the public wants you removed and as you put it when you defended your actions of receiving the gift, we are a town that runs on democracy.” Dresk explained as a cloud of smoke escaped is mouth. “Now as I said I am busy, please see yourself out.”
  2. Dresk set the the pen he was using to write letters down on his desk. “Listen here and listen now. “I do not have time to babysit everyone in this colony. In case you have not noticed we are about to enter a war with the Iron chain, something is agitating ancient dead in the swamps, the swagen king is allied with the gnolls to gather slaves. I have much bigger problems to deal with then your physical changes.” Dresk explained doing his best to keep a level head. “Now if that is all I need to get back to getting these letters out. See yourself out please.” Dresk said picking the pen up to go back to writing.
  3. Dresk looked up from his desk to see Frederick letting Sha’gi into his office. He sighed slightly and went back to his papers. “Shouldn’t you be chopping some trees down or helping with the school?”
  4. slash437

    The gathering

    Dresk looked at Sha'gi. "Do not tell me what the council as dictated is allowed for you to keep your place. I am the one that pushed for you to be our general, I am the one that informed you of your restrictions. we hoped that you would learn tact, that you would humble yourself and learn respect. Even in your words you call our friends 'abominations'. You clam to spread Illkoths name and teachings and i admit I'm not a religions man, but were in any of his teachings does it say anything about creatures being abominations. you have shown time and time again that you can not learn from your mistakes and show consent disrespect." Dresk said so the crowd could hear him. He head Telamon from the crowd. "He's correct, where is any proof of this. you are correct the sheriff is a werewolf but he has proven to be a servant of this town above all else. While you make your actions known and then try and hide it behind peoples hate for vampires. You have been given the gift of eternal life, a feat people spent their lives to find." Dresk explained. "You were not 'harassed' in your temple, Kelock and Ixion went to get information on why you allowed yourself to be a vampire, a chance to give a good reason. You chose not to decide that fate and let others chose for you. then you announced your genocidal plan. Kelock was a smart man and stayed within the law, he was a trusted friend that I will miss." Dresk said taking a moment wishing Kelock was still here with them. "I will agree to reimburse you and if anyone still holds issue with you it WILL be handled within the confines of our laws or they will be met with the swift hand of justice. As of now i strip you of your rank and title of the general of our army." Dresk said then faced the crowd. "A new general shall be chosen but will not have command till a time of war. Till that time Azoria and I shall take charge of the officers and see to getting the army trained to defend our home when the time calls for it."
  5. slash437

    The gathering

    Dresk stood in wait as a crowd started to gather. By the time Sha’Gi arrives, a good portion of the town was already present. People whispered to each other as the general showed up, speculating to each other what this was about. “Sha’gi I have called you here to publicly remove your title and rank of general. Since you have been named general of our army your decisions has been unfitting as a representative of our home. You have made a fair effort in getting the army started but you have not changed from your way as the previous council hoped.” Dresk said loud enough for the crowd to hear. “You have threatened other citizens, you have chosen to allow others to chose your fate, you have chosen to send a letter to our ONLY military ally that has put that alliance in question.” Dresk continued. “And the most egregious of your actions is your perversion of the gift you were given by Santiago De Rrreyes, which was given to expand your small minded thinking, to further your personal goals to carry out a genocide of all Belem worshipers. Now that ally is on his why for that letter you sent, how do you think he is going to react when he finds out the truth?” @DTMGoat
  6. slash437

    The gathering

    Dresk stands on the steps of the admin building waiting for Sha'gi to arrive. @DTMGoat
  7. Dresk nodded. “Follow me and I’ll take you to where we have it kept.” Dresk said leaving the room. He lead Elleron back to the workshop that Cogwheel was being held @BoxOfHats @G.Admar
  8. Dresk waited for Axi to respond but it seemed like they were having trouble grasping what was being asked. “Never mind.” The tortel said walking out of the mage tower to seek out Elleron @BoxOfHats
  9. slash437


    Dresk nodded as he started to take his leave. “Let me know when they are ready and we’ll have the first group sent for training.”
  10. Dresk thought for a moment. “I can use that to our advantage. Thank you for the warning and the information.”
  11. slash437


    “I think the galis will be our best option then. We will look to heavy calvary if you need arises but for now fast movers will do. If we send some people will you train them to ride?” Dresk asked looking out at the beasts in the field.
  12. Dresk took in all the information he was being given. “We will need to use ballistas and trick it into an area to use them.” The mayor said letting out a cloud of smoke. “I think with this information we can deal with the problem. If there is nothing else you need to share I need to gather a group and plan.”
  13. slash437


    Dresk took a draw from his trusted pipe. “It would need to be strong enough to carry an armored solider and we would probably think of giving the mount armor.”
  14. “Your right we don’t have the capability given such a short time.” Dresk responded taking a draw from his pipe. “Tell me more about this beast. How smart is she, what will attract it, how tough is it’s skin?”
  15. Dresk sat and considered all he was told. “Before I ask more about this creature I must know. Have you come to warn us to prepare to kill this beast or so we can attempt to capture it for your kingdom?”