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  1. Kra'zhi took a look at the rather exotic material dropped upon his workbench as he sipped upon some tea. "Well, you come in with a good price and offer, and I do like me a challenge! I can see what I can do!" he said as he put down his tea and brandished four different tools in his hands.
  2. "Oh yes, creating a replica of sorts would be quite easy! Give me some time!" Kra'zhi pushed the two out of the workshop and concerning sounds of metal grinding upon metal and the thwacks of someone hitting something with a too large hammer sounded from the workshop. "It's done!" Kra'zhi said bursting from his workshop after a few hours of concerning noises. Next to the continuously struggling Monodrone was what could be considered a decent facsimile of a Monodrone.
  3. Stren had his chats with people at the temple and found out it was somewhat of a all inclusive one. That sat better with Stren, but it was still on his list to watch. As time went on and Stren went scouting and gathering more and more intel it came to light that the General of the colony was a vampire of all things. That...was a problem for Stren. This hit a bit too close to home, a fiend like that in a position of power. Of course Stren was one man and he wasn't going to start anything since it would end his death...but he would watch. Then the duel happened and Stren watched the vampire murder the former mayor of the colony. Yes it was a sanctioned duel and for all intents and purposes fully legal, but that is where it all starts...when the darkness takes over. Stren knew what needed to be done and he set off back home...
  4. "Well, don't let them stumble in here, come in willingly! I anticipate your return with what you may call..."friends." With that the gnome cackled and as Kel'lock left, the white room collapsed unto its self. Kel'lock noticed the cave entrance ahead of him and went out, finding the group he was with waiting there. Physically they did not seem hurt, but mentally they all look like they went through the worst ordeals of their lives.
  5. "Strong ones like you. The machine must be tuned and it can only be done with strong wills. Right now it's just absolute chaos and we cannot have that, now can we?"
  6. "My end goal? It's to perfect my craft. Other gnome tinkers don't really appreciate creations that don't 'spark joy' or 'better the gnome race', so I need live experiments so I can tune and perfect until I have the perfect machines to rule by extreme negative emotions, especially fear. Most of my kind have no illusions of superiority and the like, but I did and I was cast out for it. I will show that Gnomes can be feared AND rule!" Maniacal laughter came from the Gnome as he allowed himself a quick daydream. "If you really want to help, I need fresh bodies to traverse whatever realm the engine creates. Not even I understand the passages and illusions it creates when one enters its realm."
  7. The trip back to Valerra was uneventful. Hostile sea creatures were expected and it helped there was a number of combat inclined passengers on this boat, though Stren was not feeling announcing that there was a werewolf on the boat so that he wasn't tossed overboard. Once they arrived, Stren's first desire was to gather some intel on what changed in the last few months he was away, but the first thing that caught his eye was the massive temple. Stren grunted in part anger and part disgust. An affront, people beholden to a god and not their own justice he thought to himself, but his job here was to gather intel, so he swallowed his disgust and explored the temple.
  8. With the monodrone secure Kra'zhi went to work. Despite his enthusiasm Kra'zhi was delicate with his work. He managed to get into the innards of the Modron without harming it, but what he found inside was what Kra'zhi was not prepared for: a intricate assembly of cogs and the like running under a set of intricate runes clearly not of this plane. Kra'zhi had the massive urge to just tear the thing apart and study every last piece of the Monodrone but he knew Dresk was relying on him to change the modron around for Dresk's benefit. Kra'zhi also recognized that despite his magical aptitude, he was way over his head. "Hm, this isn't anything I was expecting, this is a magic far above my aptitude. I think I can have this secured, but could you go grab someone with some higher arcane knowladge for me? Especially one versed in things not of this world?" Kra'zhi asks of Dresk.
  9. "Fear is the intent, but like all experiments if something else favorable comes from it, then why be mad if the result you were expecting isn't the one you get!" The gnome cackled at the whole situation, a clear evil in his laugh but a bit of madness in there also. "I need more to feed the engine you know, so come back with some new friends with some different experiences. Also, don't leave me waiting otherwise nobody is going to have a good time." In the endless expanse of white a door opens up; the assumption can be made that it leads to the outside but with this gnome, who knows.
  10. Kra'zhi pulled out all of his tools, a combination of thief, smiting, and woodworking. "One of these things should help us here. Any suggestions?" Kra'zhi said to his Iron Defender, which just gave about as much as a shrug as a scarab could give. "Oh well trial and error!" Kra'zhi lugged the monodrone up onto his workbench. The Monodrone struggled for a moment but that was less due to someone lifting it, and more so not having a bridge to take apart. At the instant the Monodrone was on the bench it rolled off and started looking around and walking into things looking for a bridge. "Hm, this will be hard, do you think you can hold it down?" He asked of Dresk and his Iron Defender.
  11. Kel-lock does not that nothing is missing our out of place, barring the current situation. The gnome just seems utterly pleased that Kel-lock is paying attention to him. "Ah, funny enough I haven't come up with a name. I was thinking the Expanse Engine, it's somewhat menacing in a way. But anyways, you know why I made this? Why I made anything? Because I love fear! I love scaring people! Breaking them down to their base emotions of sobbing, panicked laughter and the like. You all have been the most fun I ever had. Tell me, how did it feel? Something that elicited such a strong response manifest before your eyes?"
  12. Dresk managed to see Kra'zhi standing outside his workshop post pointing his musket into the air. Many a concerned citizen and even Chandra were looking at Kra'zhi like he was...well crazy. However they knew Kra'zhi well enough that either something interesting was going to happen, or he was going to blow himself up. Kra'zhi pulled the trigger and the combination of the magic from his musket and the bomb he put in there caused a bright, multicolored muzzle flash. Seconds later the bomb exploded in the air with a myriad of colors. Many oohs, ahhs and claps came from the gathered crowd and Kra'zhi looked pleased. "So that was a success." Kra'zhi said as he looked upon the Monodrone. "Lets see if we can't get a second one!" Kra'zhi took the Monodrone and brought it back to his workshop in preparation to tinker with it.
  13. "Oh? A new project? Interesting, bring it to me and I can take a look!" Kra'zhi said with some degree of unbridled excitement as he marked off something on a piece of parchment. Kra'zhi then stopped, had a flash of insight, and then started making another one of those bombs while taking down his musket from it's rack.
  14. "Ah yes, new clothes. Didn't actually think about that. Could use some, experiments have been rather unforgiving on my wardrobe. Will have to run back and get some gold. This trip has become eventful already! Though the main reason I arrived was that apparently I am to go talk to you about joining the army. Well the sign said Dresk I would think but apparently he wasn't the right one for that job and he wrote your name down." Kra'zhi then sips on his tea and then looks at Za'Shaad again. "Oh how rude of me, would you like some tea?" Kra'zhi asks, offering the kettle he has been holding.
  15. The apparition of his past dissapears, but Kel-Lock finds himself alone in what could be best described as a stark white room with zero end. There is no indication of what happened to the crew Kel-Lock was with, if anything it feels like they were not even there to begin with. However moments later the apparition of a gnome manifests in front of Kel-Lock; the gnome wore a brown overcoat covered in watches and running gears, and there was the sneer of a evil man who just won adoring his face. "You're the most fun I've had in quite a while." The gnome said. "What do you think of my ultimate contraption? A land that reflects against those who are in it?"