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  1. Greed10

    A Toast!

    With the completion of his new restaurant and the fist month of business showing promising results, Argus had the idea of adding something special for select eyes only. As such he set about crafting invitations to a V.I.P club for the more prominent members of the community. This select club would be about making sure that all the real powers of the colony had a place to converse with one another without raising suspicions. With this in mind he set out letters of invitation.
  2. Jun frowns at this as it doesn't confirm not deny his theory, so he decides to press on with his questions, "do you have any suggestions on were I should look in your library, or possibly someone else you could refer me to who might know more? I ask because a life may be at stake and if I am correct they are not to blame for the crimes they are being accused of." He says this with a note of seriousness that is far removed from the more relaxed carefree man that he is.
  3. He smiles and takes the hand as he replies "Jun, a pleasure to meet you." As he takes his seat, there is a pause in the conversation as he looks around and collects his thoughts before remarking, "do you have much personal knowledge in the magics or entities that manipulate the mind?" He lets the question hang in the air for a moment as if to see if there was the usual glint of understanding, one that comes when speaking to someone familiar with a subject intimately.
  4. Jun is somewhat taken aback by the flamboyant nature of what awaited him behind the door to the wizards tower. To the point that he bust out in a fit of laughter. It all his years of travel to places of knowledge, he had become use to finding crotchety old men safeguarding them. Such centers of knowledge were the typically respite of the old and the miserly. The types of people who had the knowledge but believe everyone else was too young and foolish to be trusted with it. As such it took him a good while to compose himself before he managed to say, "my apologies good sir, I wasn't expecting someone with your flare and ambiance to greet me." as he wipes a few tears from his face, "I must confess I was more expecting someone like Ellaron, but that shows me for thinking so narrowly, which is party why I've come here today, may I come in so that we speak of my troubles and possibly find a solution to them?"
  5. Still feeling like things weren't quite adding up, and the nagging feeling in his gut, Jun decided to seek out those more knowledgeable in the arcane arts. As such he departed toward the wizards tower shortly after hearing of the arrest of Sha'a Gi. He hadn't known the lizard man long, but he wasn't convinced that he hadn't acted under his own will during those fits of violence. So with all do haste he proceeds to knock on the towers door in hopes of finding some answers to proven his suspicions, or confirm the simple fact, that he was wrong.
  6. Greed10

    The gathering

    Argus sits top his large pile of wood as he hears the commotion by the administration building. He scuffs to himself as he lights his pipe, thinking about how this new land seemed mad in comparison to the old world order. It almost made his pine for the hellish days of his apprenticeship.
  7. Greed10

    Old dogs

    He scoffs at this, as if Azoria had just insulted his honor. With a mild glare and near gritted teeth, he proceed to bark out "I am a connoisseur of fine dining, I will not belittle my talents with such mongrel meat!" With that me begins marching toward the door in somewhat in a huff. As he is about to pass the threshold he turns back to the sheriff and says "I'll be coming for my lessons every Saturday, we'll start after supper."
  8. Greed10

    Old dogs

    Argus inclines his head at this, and states "I don't expect you to do this for free, so in return for your services I'm gonna cook you a proper meal!" He begins rubbing his hands together as he starts thinking about what meat to chose, the seasoning to use on it, the cooking style to prepare it, the side dishes to accompany it! All these details and more were buzzing around in his head as he held a great grin on his face.
  9. Greed10

    Old dogs

    After a small bout of embarrassment, Argus regains his composure and clears his throat with a load cough before speaking. "If you must know, I'm going to be opening a restaurant here, and it would probably be a good idea to speak the local tongue as it were." He grumbles for a moment before continuing, "I've also noticed that people tend to have loser lips when they think you can't understand them." He chuckles a bit before saying "between you and me, I've caught many an orc who announced their plans to dine and dash as a result of such ignorance."
  10. Greed10

    Old dogs

    Argus opens the door somewhat briskly, but then turns back as if to spot someone. After looking around for a minute he finally closes the door and starts looking around the room for anyone else as he begins to say, "I ah, not really accustomed to asking for help with matters such as this but um....." Having in his mind determined that they were alone he finally spits out what's on his mind, " I want you to teach me how to speak elvish!" He is somewhat red in the face with anger and embarrassment as the words leave his mouth.
  11. Greed10

    Old dogs

    Argus is grumbling in his typical fashion as he makes way over to the sheriff's office and knocks the door. This is quickly followed by a call of "hello, anyone home? I got business with you sheriff!" @Gawain
  12. Having been in this town for a number of month and sampled the local cuisine, Argus was disappointed by the lack of flavor and refinement with these meals. As such he decided to take it upon himself to show the people of Valerra what real cooking was all about! But to do so would require some more capital than he had at his disposal currently. With this in mind he now strove to work hard to get the necessary materials needed to making his goal a reality.
  13. Argus is interested in how good this cook actually is, he signs his name to find out
  14. Hmm these blood oranges could make an interesting dessert item, or possibly be a nice addition to a salad, Argus signs his name
  15. At this Kel-lock cannot help but laugh at the statement of the lizard as he comes to collect himself he mockingly states "does death now frighten you abomination?" He proceeds to take a few steps towards Ixion before he turns to continue saying "that is the true price of your sin Sha'a Gi, you have removed yourself from the great wheel and stand a mockery in the face of divinity. Contemplate your time remaining in this world for this will be your last week among us or the last you will see of me." As he exits the temple to prepare for the coming battle ahead.