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  1. "As you wish. But do not expect me to show any mercy on the battlefield when the Iron Chain is knocking on the door of our main gate and we have no army. The Khala Dharvus will guide us, and rebuild those of us too weak to stand up and fight." Sha'a Gi would then turn towards the door, "His eyes are upon us all, if we do not prepare properly he will remake us before he remakes them, and we do not want that, my friend. For the Khala Dharvus, and for honor and glory." Sha'a Gi would then exit the administration building, heading back to the Promareon to prepare for his next sermons.
  2. Sha'a Gi seems pleased about the upcoming war with the Iron Chain company. "So, you are finally seeing that these zealots cannot coexist with us? I am glad, my friend. And this is not only about my physical changes. I lost my rank for actions that happened under the influence of possession in case you weren't aware. And I've noticed no progress has been made at all with the military since I've been placed on this public work. I worry that when the time for war is upon us, our military will be lacking, and we can't keep expecting Blackstar to be there on Valerra's behalf alone, it is not their place. We cannot afford to doddle around when the time to prove our strength is so close at hand, can you ensure to me that the military will have the rest of its training and be fully equipped by the time the war starts? If not I feel it is in Valerra's best interest for me to step back in and continue my training of them."
  3. "I believe we need to talk. I haven't been myself ever since I was sent on that mission to deal with the monster, so I figured I could explain to you what happened since I now have (post-nut clarity) a better understanding of it all. My friend, you do not understand what it is like to have so many voices encroaching on your consciousness. My actions became sporadic and driven by blind anger and paranoia. I honestly started to believe my voice would no longer be the loudest one if it kept up, but I did not trust anyone. Everything in my body began to tell me my friends were not my friends, and everyone wanted me dead. Isn't that silly? So again, I wish to apologize for my actions ever since you sent me to fight that monster, I hadn't been remotely normal since. Though... I am surprised you noticed no changes in me, I figured you of all people would at least say something about the physical changes since you are vigilant. Also, what kind of poison do you have in stock?" Sha'a Gi would cock his head.
  4. Sha'a Gi's eyes would narrow and dart back and forth between each of hers twice before he'd try to appear okay again. "Alright, I am glad we could have this discussion. I am sorry you do not like what I am, but it is who I am now. If there is anything I can do to help your perception of me, let me know. You are always a welcome guest in my home, and you are welcome to teach others your ways within my walls. But... You wouldn't harm me if I invited you in... Right?" Sha'a Gi glanced over his shoulder once more. "It seems as if more and more conspire against me daily, I am not sure who is friend and who is pretender."
  5. Sha'a Gi walks up to the town council building in the center of town a bit past noon and enters. He tells Frederick he wishes to speak with Mayor Dresk about recent events, and would ask if he is in. @slash437
  6. "I have a feeling that many people in the colony, yourself included have begun to turn against me. You seem a lot more hostile towards me since I've become a vampire." Sha'a Gi would then double check over his shoulder. "Is it because I am a vampire? Or is it a problem with me myself? I do not wish to have harsh feelings between us."
  7. DTMGoat

    The gathering

    "My friend, I come from the great city of Iztacpetl, I was taught the ways of the Khala Dharvus from birth, my people are some of the most fervent I have ever met for Ilkoth. And I do not believe that the Caselvans are abominations anymore, for a time I thought all undead were abominations and traitors to the cycle, Lord Santiago showed me that is not the case. However, I still find many undead to be hideous abominations who exist for the most vile means and to insult the cycle of life and death. And I think I have proven my loyalty to the colony as much as anyone, I have died using my body as a shield for other citizens in the field of battle. Something no one else in the colony has even remotely done. And you question my loyalty? And yes, I let others vote for if I accept the gift or not. Valerra taught me the system of democracy, so I intend to use it. If you are going to chastise me for using a system that the colony taught to me, I'm very confused my friend. And I do not try to hide my actions behind people hate for vampires, several people in the colony have made it very clear how low they think of me due to the fact I'm a vampire. It is simply a fact, my friend. And is two people marching into my temple at night, calling me an abomination, and saying I've abandoned my god not harassment in your eyes? I feel like any one else in the crowd would be as offended as I was last night. Especially when it was from someone I regarded as a dear friend, Kel-lock. Kel-lock also agreed with me at a point in time that a holy war on all of the Bellum worshippers within Valerra was starting to become a viable option. I wish you luck in finding a new general, we still have much to do to get the army combat ready. If you need me, I will be in the Promareon." Sha'a Gi then turned to leave.
  8. DTMGoat

    The gathering

    Sha'a Gi would cock his head to the side before speaking, "My friend. The only CITIZEN I have threatened is Avahix, and no one in power in the council is free of that crime either. I do not believe that is a fair statement, but I understand why it is concerning. Which of my ways is the way to which you are hoping I was to change from? If it is my religious beliefs, it was in my understanding that Valerra is a place of religious freedom and I was not to be discriminated against for. The previous council, the council YOU were on, also said it is okay to carry out my religious practices myself, as long as I don't involve the army in it. The letter yes, I am guilty of that. I feel discriminated against since becoming a Vampire purely because of what I am now. Our Sheriff is a... Werewolf is it? And we have practitioners of Necromancy within the colony who have done much scarier things than I have in my own opinion. I reached out to Lord Santiago since he would possibly understand my situation and assist me with learning to deal with it. But even since then, I have been attacked and verbally threatened by other citizens on multiple occasions purely because I am a Vampire. If, maybe not you, but the majority of the populace hates me because of what I am, that makes me question how they feel about our military alliance with Caselva. And please, my friend. Do not refer to it as a 'gift' if you yourself do not believe it to be. More than half of the colony has turned hostile towards me because of my gift. This gift DID expand my thinking, I no longer think of the Caselvans as friendly abominations, but friendly people who we can trust as allies. As for the Bellum worshippers, it is in those who follow Bellum's core beliefs that they need to proliferate war and wipe out the entire population in the name of their god. If anything, am I not giving them what they so desperately proliferate and wish for? I do not know how Lord Santiago views them or their religious beliefs, but if he does care, then I will apologize to him. I don't wish to slight a friend. But the truth was in the letter, I was harassed in my own temple, and challenged to a fight to the death in it's very walls on the basis that I am a Vampire. Do not try to twist the situation that happened as anything but what it was." Sha'a Gi would then look around him at the rest of the colonists who have gathered to make sure no one has any weapons drawn, his paranoia getting the better of him in the situation. He'd turn back to Dresk and speak once more, "If, after hearing all of this, you still wish to stand by your decision then I understand, but upon my removal, I would like to be reimbursed for the gold I used to purchase the weapons, and be paid for my time recruiting and training the army to the extent I have. If anything has been made more and more clear, there are very few in this colony who are willing to fight alongside me, and I don't want to think of what happens when those who denounce me wish to take further action against me. Is this agreeable?"
  9. DTMGoat

    The gathering

    Sha'a Gi would do his usual precursor steps of leaving the Promareon and see why he's being summoned.
  10. Sha'a Gi rises from his slumber ready to take on the days tasks. He gives an early sermon to those who wish to hear, and he instructs his three fanatics on how to carry out sermons for the day in the event he isn't back in time for them. He pulls on his full body suit carefully, and straps on his plate on top of it. "I should really get around to... Adding more to this somehow." Sha'a Gi idly mutters to himself before pulling his mask on. He places his shield on his arm, and straps his sword to his hip. The tall wooden doors of Promareon creak open as Sha'a Gi makes his exit and closes them behind him. He spends a portion of his time training a portion of the recruits with longbows, having already taught all of them with shortswords, and soon to be with pikes. Once his training session is completed, he dismisses the soldiers and begins to head towards where Alea is usually known to be. Upon seeing her, he approaches her and addresses her. "Alea, my friend. May we have a chat in private? I feel like there are things we need to discuss between us that shouldn't be said so openly. Do you have the time currently?" Sha'a Gi crosses his arms and looks up at her, trying to gauge her general mood.
  11. "Thank you my friend, please contact me when you are ready to show me your work!" Sha'a Gi bows his head and exits the smith shop, heading back to the Promareon for prayer.
  12. Sha'a Gi adorned in his full body suit and plate enters into Kra'zhi's workshop with his large snail shell. "Hello my friend, it is good to see you again. I have come offering a deal." Sha'a Gi places the large snail shell down carefully, puts his coin pouch onto the table along with a potion. "This, my friend, is 630 platinum and a potion of supreme healing. It is very rare, I have never found another in my entire life. I was wondering if, in exchange for these, you would craft this shell into a magnificent shield." Sha'a Gi then gestures down to the shell and awaits his response from the very talented thri-kreen smith.
  13. Sha'a Gi, fresh from his duel with Kel-lock, heads back to the Promareon to recover and rest. He is still in disbelief that he had to fight to the death with someone he considered a close and trusted friend. If Kel-lock turned against him, who was to say others wouldn't as well? Sha'a Gi began thinking of everyone in the colony who might secretly want him dead and began making plans in case he would be forced into combat with more of them. He originally came to this colony 3 years ago just to sacrifice the populace and move on, it would've been just like every other colony. But Sha'a Gi felt welcome for once, he felt like he had a place, and he felt like he could trust the people around him for the first time in years. Maybe, Sha'a Gi thought, I have become too trusting and forgiving. Paranoia started to slowly fill his mind as his fear of being betrayed started to turn into rage. Sha'a Gi commanded his three fanatics to meet with him in private, he knew he could trust these three as they lived and breathed his name. "My loyal underlings. I want you to keep a close eye on anyone who enters the Promareon from the point on. I no longer feel like I am a welcome inhabitant of the colony, and I need to be ready if anyone dares taint this holy sanctum with more threats of violence and bloodshed. The hand of the Khala Dharvus will guide me through great and terrible crusades in the next few centuries, and I cannot afford to let my guard down and be careless anymore. Kel-lock and Ixion were but the first of many to openly denounce me I imagine. This matters not though. I will stand up and fight because I know that I'm right. Those who follow the path of Bellum are a disease upon the world. Also, tell not a single soul of what we have discussed here tonight, I do not need more interference to worry about." After Sha'a Gi makes sure the three are well understanding of the newfound circumstances, he gives them each a blessing of Ilkoth. Sha'a Gi then proceeded to ascend the stairs to the communal bunks, and retrieved a piece of parchment and a quill with ink. He once more begins to write a note to one of the only people he feels like doesn't want to murder him at this current point in time, Lord Santiago Del Reyes of Caselva. "Lord Santiago Del Reyes, I have come out victorious, one of the two who confronted me that night has been slain in single combat by me. I take no pride in the victory, I do not feel grief either however. Those who would dare enter my sanctum and threaten violence upon me and my way must know there are repercussions for doing such. I would like for us to speak in person sometime when you are available, we have much to discuss. It might also be in our better interests to formally forge a military alliance to show the sheep of the colony that Caselvans are not outsiders, but allies who we can trust. Write back to me when you have the time, my friend. For Honor and Glory, General Sha'a Gi." Sha'a Gi closes the letter in an envelope, melts some wax onto the fold and stamps it with the Unicursal Hexagram stamp, however this particular one is modified with a longsword standing in front of it. He mails the letter and returns back to the Promareon to give sermons on the Khala Dharvus to the populace who wishes to hear of his ways.
  14. Days after Kel-lock and Ixion leave the Promareon, Sha'a Gi commands his fanatics to fetch him writing materials, upon their return, he sits in one of the pews and begins to jot down the following message. "Lord Santiago Del Reyes, It is me, Sha'a Gi. I do not write to you often, but now seems to be a time of your interest. I have been harassed in my own temple by two of opposing faiths because their beliefs differ from mine. They have called me an abomination and insulted the very gift you bestowed upon me. This will not go unpunished, in the following days I am to duel this person to the death. I am still in disbelief as I write this that such a close friend would betray me. He even insulted that I left it up to a vote when that is the very system they use to run this colony! I have been accused of abandoning my god and accused of being an abomination, and one of the two known as Kel-lock wants to personally kill me because of it. If you do not hear back from me, I have been slain. If I am the victor, I will be sure to tell you of the fight. Our new Mayor, Dresk Sharpshell , has not intervened in this, so I believe he thinks that Kel-lock's cause is just. I do not care about this though, Dresk has proven himself a good man time and time again, so I am sure he is just confused. For Honor and Glory, General Sha'a Gi." Upon finishing his creation of the note, he personally mails it himself, believing it to be too important for his underlings to do.
  15. Sha'a Gi's eyes show a look of betrayal unknown to him before. "You would dare challenge me to a duel, in the house of the gods no less? Are you sure this is what you want? If either of us is to die the colony will be at a great loss because of it. Make sure you are not acting on impulse." Sha'a Gi proceeds to look over at Quirek to try and gauge his reaction.