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  1. The rainy season skies part for a moment to reveal a procession of great winged creatures. Their backs bedecked with passengers and cargo, all soaked from the rains. Seven of the great beasts land swiftly on the outskirts of the Town, a group dismounting from them and approaching the gate. One of the passengers calling up to gate guard, a delegation for the ruling body of Valerra
  2. Telamon listening to this: "Practitioners of Necromancy whom have transgressed against the colony, that is a serious accusation without names or evidence."
  3. The door swings open again as the Sheriff is ushered into the main hall of the tower. "Ah, excellent timing. I have an individual here that I feel needs your opinion on something that falls well within your expertise."
  4. "That is something that the Union recognizes. It shouldn't be too long, I'll send a message for them."
  5. Telamon nods and turns to look out the window into the Town. "Yes, there are a number of Orders around the World I have heard of in recent times. I could perhaps bring someone here to talk to you about it if that is something you would like to know about."
  6. "It would be no inconvenience, but I do not wish to apply such magic unless it was wanted by the individual. Is there another option that you are considering instead of this treatment." He says while examining the wound
  7. Telamon regards Sear quietly for a few moments and hold up a hand. "If you wish it I can remove the curse from you, free of charge even, but please, show me your wound."
  8. Telamon regards Sear thinking quietly for a moment. "A pleasure, I am Telamon, and i represent the Arcane Union here. I take it this isn't a mundane sightseeing visit?"
  9. The door opens soundlessly, opening to a well lit and furnished entry hall. There is a table set with breakfast for a number of individuals; Telamon stands at the head of the table, who turns to the opening door. "ah an unexpected guest, have a seat if you haven't taken a meal yet, the students here are late getting up as usual."
  10. The tower rises above, the door is etched with the symbol of an eye inside of a sunburst.
  11. "A word of warning, she is smart enough to attack your seige equipment, and she will smash them to splinters if she can reach them."
  12. Admiral Lurch


    Taroc nods in assent. "they're not difficult to ride aside from their flighty nature. Should be able to have 20 of them grown enough to serve."
  13. Admiral Lurch


    Taroc shakes his head. "A not heavily armored rider yes, but the galis would not do well with armor, they are light and quick, not overly muscular."
  14. He lays down some notes and drawings of aspects of the beast. "She's cunning, bot smart like a person, but quick witted for an animal, and she has a sense of smell sharper than a carrion bird, she will be able to smell blood and flesh from miles off of the wind is blowing." He points to a depiction of hide; "Their hide is unusually tough, almost like dragon scales, and the amount of muscle and flesh beneath will make only heavy blows make a true impact. They are at the top of the food chain here, the only creatures that would dare fight them are adult dragons, and still that is a risk for them." He places what at first looks like a short sword blade on the table, but it is a tooth, with wicked serrations. "Their jaws can crack stones, and their teeth will wound most creatures unto death if they cannot avoid them."
  15. "I doubt you have the capabilities of capturing her, I would advise trying to kill her sadly, or wounding her enough that she leaves the area."