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  1. Come join us in our never ending battle against the horde of zombies and sub humans!
  2. Alea looks at Sha'a Gi with a look of confusion. "Yes it is because of what you have become, but I think it's more the other things that concern most people. Things like you being dressed like you have something to hide, wanting large scale religious persecution of followers of Bellum, and things of that nature. But being a vampire does not help. As to my thoughts, if you were not someone I knew already and a co-worker I would have purified you a long time ago. Also it would be bad for my family name if I messed up relationships with Castille." Alea Sighs before finishing with. "I don't have a problem with you per say, I have a problem with what you are."
  3. Sha'a Gi would be an assortment of herbs, oil and incense in containers around Alea as she is carefully counting them out. "Yes. Oh Sha'a Gi I have time, what do you need."
  4. X152Leader

    The Storm

    Sha'a Gi would get a look of extreme paranoia from being confused then remember the accusations of the other night. "Ah yes, I see," He'd say while shaking his head to reassure himself. "This is just protocol, isn't it, my friend? You do not wish to harm me... Right?" His eyes would seem to dart back and forth between each of Azoria's trying to gauge any sort of emotion or motive. "If you would be so kind as to let me instruct my followers of how to run the sermons for the next..." Sha'a Gi scratches his head. "I'll give them the next two weeks worth of work so they may carry it out. I doubt this will take too long to process." Sha'a Gi would then meet with his followers on the 2nd floor at each of their bunks and instruct them that he is being imprisoned for crimes he does not remember committing, and how to run things until he returns, and if he does not return, they know what to do. Sha'a Gi would then adorn his full body suit, and leave his armor and weapons with his folllowers to look after, assuming he would not be able to take them with him while imprisoned. "Do you need to restrain my hands? Or am I free to walk to the Jail with you." Sha'a Gi keeps looking between each of his eyes, trying gauge his personal motives and emotions.
  5. X152Leader

    The Storm

    Axi looks up from her book before placing a bookmark in it and putting it away. "Let me guess, Sha'a gi finally killed someone? But even if it's not that I would be willing to help, an excuse to leave the tower for something other than food would be nice."
  6. When Dresk approaches and knocks on the door of the tower the door opens and he can see Axi talking to another member. "Ok so let me get this straight. You attempted to cast fireball? 'Yes.' And you did it without supervision? 'Yes?' And then you tried to modify it WHILE casting it? 'Uh....yes?' Are you aware that you should be dead right now? 'No' Go read basic magic safety books again. Now someone is here and I need to find out what our guest needs." After this exchange Axi walks over to Dresk. "Ah Dresk been a awhile what bring you here?"
  7. "This could be an interesting excursion." Alea thinks as she signs the paper.
  8. X152Leader

    Mage Council

    After hearing Kai yelling out Axi puts her study books away and Dimension Doors down to where he is. "Kai what are you yelling ab.. Oh Sha'a Gi, what brings you here." Axi says while putting her spell book to the side.
  9. Axi after finishing some study in the Union tower comes to check the job board. "A missing person. Well I have nothing better to do."
  10. Alphonse heads out as soon as he gets the letter.
  11. Axi Signs on "These mistakes of creatures must be corrected."
  12. At this point Axi speaks up. "Well a guild is where I was hoping we could go with it, but have the Council overseeing the guild and determining overall goals and research projects."
  13. As Axi and Rhia walk to Telamon's tent Axi says "Now Telamon can be a bit off putting at first but he is nice to be with. Ah here he is." Axi uses Minor illusion to make a knocking sound before saying. "Hey, Telamon it's Axi and I brought Rhia." @Admiral Lurch
  14. Axi looks into the tent with a confused look before looking back at Rhia. "Well I came to get you so we can start this council." Axi stops for a second before saying "We should find and talk with Telemon." @Admiral Lurch
  15. "Well I don't want to speak for Telemon, but my thoughts on that is that this council is specifically for providing magical knowledge and advice to the city and it's people; so if you don't know how your magic works I would say that would not be productive for this council. So if you are simply blessed by your bloodline AND you don't know how any of it works aside from it works I would say no to but, lets say you are still blessed by your bloodline but you understand the underlying magic behind it, I would not have a problem."