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  1. Praet issue 60 in the flesh, posted at the request of everyone's favorite drunken kiwi.
  2. You have access to those chats too, Abdel. If the context is so important, post it yourself.
  3. Gawain

    The Storm

    Azoria keeps a steeled face and walks towards Sha'Gi. "Your hands will be bound," He says, whilst cuffing Sha'Gi. "But it will not be for long. Come along, and we'll escort you to your cell. Your trial will take place as soon as possible." The party exits the Promarion, headed towards the jail cell. The night has come, and the break of dawn shall decide Sha'Gi's fate.
  4. Gawain

    The Storm

    "Your guess was distressingly close. If you'll follow me to the townhall, we can prepare our arrest party." Axi and Azoria return to the townhall, meeting up with Ish. The party gathers their equipment, and heads towards the Promarion. Upon entering the Promarion, Sha'gi is greeted by Ish, Axi, and Azoria. Azoria stands ahead and says: "Sha'gi. For crimes against the people of Valerra, you are being placed under arrest. Until such a time as you have been vindicated- or otherwise- by a court of law, you will be held in a jail cell. Please do not resist."
  5. Gawain

    The Storm

    Azoria sees Kai stumble in, and unconsciously mutters something under his breath about having the next town project be a rehab center.
  6. Gawain

    The Storm

    Azoria gives a solemn nod to Ish, and leaves him to his preparations. Heading off towards the wizards tower, the night begins to darken. The evening hours have passed, and night has arrived. The cool air brought with it is a small solace for the grim task ahead. After knocking upon the door, he follows a student up to the office of professor Axi. After greetings, Azoria presents his request. "The town requires your assistance. A powerful person has recently proven themselves to be a liability, and must stand trial. I'd like you to come along for the arrest, should the worst come to pass. We'd need your assistance in the event he tries to escape his binds with arcane power. I can provide you with incentive of course, be that monetary or otherwise."
  7. Gawain

    The Storm

    "Anything you think you need to arrest a certain vampire lizard that's been causing problems. I'm also going to be enlisting the aid of Axi, to counteract the suspects magical prowess."
  8. Gawain

    The Storm

    Azoria stares at the report on his desk with a resigned despair. The evening wind blows through the window, rustling the papers and carrying the scent of evening fires. It is going to be a long few days. Grabbing Judge and a pair of shackles. If he was going to arrest a potentially dangerous criminal, he was going to need help. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he wasn't strong enough to take down the suspect on his own. Firstly, he would need muscle. Ish was a good chap, and would almost certainly help out in this matter. If not, a little coin goes a long way with him. Second, he'd need a way to counteract the more... esoteric tendencies of the suspect. Axi would likely be the way to go on that. He doubted he would have much trouble gaining her aid. First things first, a stop at Blackstar HQ. Upon finding Ish, he asks: "Hello Ish. I was wondering if I could gain your assistance in the detaining of a dangerous suspect we both know. Assuming you are interested, there would be an... incentive involved." He says, while jingling his coin purse.
  9. Gawain

    The gathering

    Azoria stands to the right of Dresk, as well kempt as a dogman turned sheriff can be.
  10. Gawain

    Curse Removal

    "Your funeral, possibly literally. Training commences tomorrow evening."
  11. Gawain

    Curse Removal

    Azoria darkens immediately. "The curse is not to be trifled with. It takes immense willpower and years of training to use effectively, and even then you will sometimes feel it breaking away from you. If you can, rid yourself of the curse. It is not something to be taken lightly. If you find you cannot remove the curse for whatever reason, I will help you tame it. However, if you lose control, I will put you to the blade myself."
  12. Gawain

    Curse Removal

    "Oh? Do tell, I'm always happy to share in my expertise."
  13. Gawain

    Curse Removal

    Azoria is doing paperwork in his office when a runner from Telamon arrives. "Sherrif, Sir? Calling for you from Professor Telamon. You're audience is required at the mage tower." Azoria ponders this, wondering what the mage council could want with him, and then follows the runner back to the tower.
  14. Gawain

    Old dogs

    Azoria thinks on this for a moment, and then simply says; "No dog meat."
  15. Gawain

    Old dogs

    Azoria laughs aloud, thoughts filled with red-faced elves and rage filled dwarves. "Alright Argus, I can teach you. Lessons will be once a week, and if I'm going to commit to it I expect you to, too. And I'm warning you now, Elvish is not an easy language. It has a much different flow from the tongues you're likely familiar with."