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  1. Going to have to agree with this one too. I have been kicked multiple time by thedudezro for beating him. There was a game I was clearly the front runner in the game, and had a good chance to win and I was kicked for killing his heroes in a completely fair way. Pretty sure James was in that game.
  2. I don't know if it is just me, but I really think that black's rangers are thoroughly overpowered, especially in late game. Every single game that I play a southern faction, and I get to late game and it is me vs. a decent black with us being equal levels, I seem to never have any chance. I personally also think that black should not have that partially invisible outpost, but I don't expect that to be taken out. I am just getting really frustrated with blacks rangers. I am not sure what you could exactly do about it, but I think that they should be changed a little bit to nerf them slightly.