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  1. I'm still pretty fucking pissed off TBB thread is gone. By some Newfaggot. Seriously, what the hell. And where's Eagleman and Sniper and that chick who used to come around here, Jerrica or summat.
  2. VisKnut

    What's up Diplo?

    I tried going on Reddit. It was the most liberal shithole on the net. Utterly stupid and made me want to skullfuck every single user on there. I've heard that once you go into Fenor's basement....
  3. VisKnut

    What's up Diplo?

    What is the hell is "Discord"? Least DipLow will always have it's hardcore userbase. I salute youse.
  4. VisKnut

    Picture of You

    This guys hair says: Have you thought about life insurance? But his smile says: I'm gunna fuck your wife while you reach for the pen. I'd tap her tho.
  5. VisKnut

    What's up Diplo?

    What happened to this place? I'm seeing Last Post dates from months ago. This place used to be pretty happening with a load of members and new shitposts, now it's the same 5 guys and Fenfag.. Is this what happens when a forum starts out as dream by teenagers, then those teenagers start to age and get married, find pussy and get careers? There was some memorable moments in my 8+ years poasting here. Seems like a lifetime ago. I'm getting fucking old. Raise a glass and have a drink with ol' Viskunt.
  6. Remember when TBB used to post Prolatarian articles? I do. Fuck you.
  8. Oddly enough...FenFag is the only one who doesn't add any faggotry. After all these years, I just noticed BackPack Broad has a serious horse-mouth going on. Can fit 6 dixs in that cock garage.
  9. VisKnut

    What's up Diplo?

    I'm still really fucking chuffed some worthless newb shows up and deletes the glorious TBB thread.
  10. VisKnut

    Who broke Diplo?

    Where is my avatar. I don't like my current one.