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  1. Nodilla didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do when she got there. All she knew was the voices in her head told her to come this way. Living a life of poverty her father made a deal with the Devil and thus resulted in Nodilla's precarious situation. Born cursed and further possessed from the dark arts. Blighted by her own family, she learned one thing about life, trust no one, no one at all but the voices in her head that has always told her the truth. She eventually arrived at a ramshackle colony named Valerra where the voices told her she has arrived. Arrived to what exactly she pondered? No answer from the voices she immediately went on a scouting mission, more out of a lack of purpose than civil responsibility. Whereby she learned that the colony had short people who could transform into giant snakes, preposterous! Even went on another adventure to witness a mad mage dig a leyline open resulting in a opening of dimensional terrors. But even after all she had witnessed the voices had grown quiet, complacent even. When will she hear from them next?
  2. nodle

    Lord of the Rings At-War

    Allahu Akbar!! Oliphant Jihad!
  3. nodle

    WW1: At-War [11 Players]

    I'll be playing on the west front as west Germany.
  4. The First episode this season was such a good hearted story, this is why mob psycho is so special
  5. Ahh yes, soon the Xeno's will know fear!
  6. Japan post Isolation period was like a medieval society in the 17-1800s? They decided they had to modernize and modernize quickly when Americans forced open Japanese ports so easily. So what did they do? They send people all over the world to copy ideas, industrial ideas, military ideas, political ideas and societal ideas. A process done within 30-40 years lmao. So yeah the Japs copy everything.
  7. give it to @SteakOnSpear He died in the line of duty like 8 times in the former Diplocom Operation.
  8. Burden looks like hes seen some things before the alien invasion. Also RIP Bors and Thurr, although I saw thurr dying a mile away.
  9. Burden and me gonna smoke some phat bowls and kill xenos, dats what we do
  10. Only good xeno, Is a DEAD ONE
  11. My sister is someone who preaches social justice, I remember on a hike she smiled while preaching it until I disagreed with her. She was genuinely shocked I disagreed with her probably because university campuses don't encourage debate anymore. As long as you score high in what "they" say you'll succeed and that's where a major problem lies. The fear of failure. As for the future, what I fear is academic education is slowly becoming more accessible to all and the inherit ideology they peddle forward. Seriously when the prime minister gets cheered on for saying "peoplekind" as a way of correcting mankind as a overly masculine word is ludicrous. Mankind is a abbreviation for humankind the fucking sell out.
  12. Honestly, this was a wild ride of reading feanor, good work bringing it forward. I really loved the objectiveness of their ludicrous papers and it really does show the politicizing of the left on University Campuses. I actually went back to University this semester and I was shocked to find that there are courses literally called, "Social Justices." If we're teaching people biased assumptions of justice in society and to act as judge, jury and executioner then Western Universities need a amputation of some sort. Instead of objectivity I would support further student debates in all these fields of study. People learn from experience and I believe that the experiences of debate truly help people come to terms with their own understandings. I often find people in class spouting modern progressive nonsense but I don't have the comfort of being able to dispute them in a lecture based setting.