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  1. Why do good content creators always have such an unreliable schedule.
  2. This weirdly erotic flex must have made Feanors' valentines day.
  3. Please keep the drama to the forums. This is great material for my morning commute. I also feel like this D&D stuff smells like the new LR-section.
  4. Great episode. I especially liked the part where you killed aliens.
  5. Thurr

    Audiobook suggestions

    Sounds good! Will check it out.
  6. Thurr

    Audiobook suggestions

    @CNiper Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them.
  7. Hah, that sounds pretty epic. For me the best thing about EVE is reading articles like these.
  8. Recently I got an audible subscription and now I'm looking for books to listen to. Anyone got some good suggestions?
  9. Except the part where I died this project has been of exceptional quality. You've improved in narrative and screenshot. Good job.
  10. RIP Should have kept my head down.
  11. Everyone is glad you are no longer on the strategic detail.
  12. @MaceMaul report for duty!