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  1. Kai sinks a bit in his chair and says "Is this about the vampire? Because the sheriff and Axi just fucked off to do something about or possibly with him. I told them to bring garlic, I doubt they did though." He then thinks for a moment and says "I'm surprised Telamon isn't around, usually hes here to be a big brain about this kinda stuff. I mean he is a big know-it-all and isn't afraid to let you know it. But like I said, he's usually around, hell he usually answers the door, so I haven't any idea where he's at."
  2. Kai shakes his head and says "Can't say I know much about magic for that. I can point you in the direction of quite a few substances that'll do it, not all of them are legal mind you, but I'm afraid my magics mostly focus on lightning and storm, wind and waves, things like that." He then leans back in his seat and says " I have however seen those squid-faced dudes before, they like to do that shit as I understand it. Though the one I had encountered seemed to be content just lurking around watching us."
  3. Kai shrugs and opens the door wider to allow him a view inside the tower. He then replies "Sure, I mean I'm not sure how much I can help personally, but theres a bunch of other magical people here who might be able to assist you. And we've got a pretty good library too." He then leads the newcomer inside to one of the common areas, furnished as it was with more than enough seating and table space for all kinds of more learned people to do thier work. "By the way I'm Kai." he says as he offers his ink stained hand to the man across from him before taking a seat.
  4. banebladeluv

    The Storm

    Ish idly spins the garlic wreath his assistant had provided for him in his hand as he follows the sheriff,the mage council memeber, and the ex-general through the town. He idly muses to himself on how this might be the easiest money he's ever made. Though he makes sure to never let his watchful eye wander far from the prisoner for more than a second. Even easy jobs can go tits up if you're not vigilant enough.
  5. "Door!" You hear the muffled yell from behind the tower's facade. After a few moments a great deal of metal clanging and cursing in addition to an internal door slamming cam be heard. After a few moments the door cracks open to reveal a half elf spattered in ink, the volume of which makes you question how much even got where it was supposed to. "Usually someone else does this stuff. I really thought there were more people here but I guess its whatever man. Anyway, whats up how can the mage circle make your day magical?" The half elf flourishes his last words by producing some sparks from his hands and waving them about.
  6. banebladeluv

    The Storm

    "Whoa! Bellum boys been smoking colonists now? Told you lot vampires were above my pay-grade. Actually do I even have a pay grade? Because if not wouldn't that mean that literally everything is above my pay grade?" Kai just lets his last question hang before he just whistles his way back into the room where his printing press was set up. As an after thought he cracks open his door again and peeks his head out "Don't forget to bring garlic, vampires either love or hate it. Probably." He then closes the door again and the sounds of machinery starting up can be heard.
  7. banebladeluv

    The Storm

    "Somebody say monetary incentives?" Kai asks as he stumbles out of a nearby door and brushes off his clothes, his hands stained with ink, an addition to several hand prints scattered on his face and clothes. He then notices its the sheriff speaking just to Axi, and looks up and down the hall of the tower. "Weren't there more people here?"
  8. banebladeluv

    The Storm

    Ish gestures at the Gnoll standing in the corner of the war room, apparently his new personal assistant. "Argrypha, get me some braids of garlic from the kitchen, I'm certain Stonewok won't mind them missing as long as we bring them back at some point." He then turns back to Azoria and nods. "That should just about do it. I'll meet you out in front of the town hall if thats alright."
  9. banebladeluv

    The Storm

    "Oh?" Ish asks the sheriff from behind his desk, raising his eyebrow with interest. "Tell me more, should I bring anything special for this arrest?"
  10. Notes for 7/28/19
  11. Notes for 7/7/19
  12. Again the watery lord makes the same undulating chuckle and says "There is no need to genuflect for me little one. All I ask is that you grant me a tribute. A small token of your willingness to have a part of my power flow into you." He then looks down at the man before him expectantly.
  13. banebladeluv


    Maria nods to the Birdman and says "But of course, I'd love to show you what we've been able to built up so far." She then leads Quirek on a long and meandering stroll through the small village, pointing out various small or in construction industries. The docks over there, beyond which is the Lord's Man O' War ship, a small smithy being constructed across the recently cobbled street from a new general goods shop. various small cottages dotting the periphery and a wood and stone wall and gate to protect it all with. As they pass the townsfolk a few people stop to wave at the pair, and Maria waves back and gives them short greetings. When the tour ends the two find themselves in the shadow of the lord's own villa, the centerpiece of the village it stands out in garish contrast to the spartan lodgings of the townsfolk. Clearly built in an old world style its vast curtained windows looking out across the growing town. Maria turns to Quirek at the conclusion of the tour and asks "What do you think of our small village?"
  14. Kai struggles against his binds while pain continues to wrack his whole body and continues to try and blot out his companion as he focuses more on the scene unfolding in his mind's eye. What city? Why the An'War? Where these people the Aurians? He needed to know more, to delve deeper.
  15. Before hes even fully out of his chair Ish trips him and leaps on the "lord" planting his knee in the small of his back and brandishing his handaxe. He Growls at the back of the man's head "Give me a reason to make this hard on you." He then gestures for his kobolds and Dresk to board the ship and secure it in his stead.