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  1. I'm down to play as Italy!
  2. Hey guys, It's that time of year again! I was thinking about putting together this year's gaming event, and I just wanted to put out some feelers as to when you guys would be available for the event and what games you'd like to play. Please reply to this thread saying which week in December you'd like the event and if you'd lead a game day/which game you'd lead. Lets work together to make this week of gaming the best gift for Christmas you'll ever get!
  3. until
    Let's switch it up and play a game of Stellaris! Please indicate your interest in coming, and we'll decide on rules in a a pre-game discussion.
  4. until
    Time for another session, boys! Let me know if you're coming and which country you'd like to play as. Rules: Don't justify war before 1939 unless through a national focus. Other rules can be discussed in a pre-game conversation.
  5. Let's get ready for another game! Rules: No justifying war before 1939 (National Focuses excluded) We can discuss other rules when we get together. Let me know if you're interested in joining and what nation you wanna play. Let's do this, boys! CHINA - Scruffy ROMANIA - Mace UNITED KINGDOM - Cole USSR - Burden AUSTRALIA - Dragon CANADA - Awesome
  6. @nodle I'm on EST time now, so it's 2pm EST 11 am PST
  7. Hey guys, I'm just throwing this together as a mess around game on short notice. Feel free to join me--or don't. I don't care, whatever--fuck you. LET'S GET BACK INTO IT, BOYS!
  8. I just saw this on discord
  9. Love is an emotion I can no longer feel after “the incident.” I didn’t know something so small could have so much blood...
  10. IamtheWalrus.


    I relate to this question on so many levels, and at the same time, on no level.
  11. Terrible candy, terrible question, terrible poll.
  12. Is under the impression Nodle's hand is big enough to hold a sizable supply of shit, urine, and sulfur.