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  1. CNiper

    Catan + Seafarers

    I'll be hosting Catan @ through Table Top Simulator on Steam 6 players SEAFARERS expansion, need mic. Sunday 10am Mountain Standard Time, log in to the site with Discord account to get automatic time correction. For the first time I'll be tracking who wins, just for fun. Since we were playing so often it would be neat to see who really is the master (so we can gang them).
  2. CNiper

    L4D2 Helms Deep Mod

    I'm going to be heading into L4D2 and trying some multiplayer mods. We tried this last year and it was a blast, but we couldn't beat it. If you want to join: 1) RSVP (you can sign in with a Discord account) 2) Show up in Discord at 5pm MST (time on this event will auto-correct to your timezone) 3) Download the Helms Deep mod I'll be streaming it at Please RSVP so we can know how many groups we might have going! Some pictures of our last valiant defense against the zombos/flood:
  3. CNiper


    @Burden - Athens @Stormy - Macedon @CNiper - Syracruse --> Sicily @Maxwell - Massilia @IamtheWalrus. - Rome @MaceMaul - Decitimus? @Turtle - Carthage Mace left before I could grab the screenshot, but this is the year 502.
  4. What channels do you guys enjoy for streaming? While I'm folding laundry: Actively listening/interacting: For the memes:
  5. Welcome man, what do you do for a living?
  6. CNiper

    Tabletop Simulator

    I'll be leading a Tabletop Simulator event on Discord, we'll break up into multiple groups depending how many people there are. We'll be playing: - Settlers of Catan (Seafarers) - Scythe - Carcassonne If you've got any other ideas, throw the steam link to the workshop game below. Buy Tabletop Simulator when the Steam Sale starts for cheap! RSVP to this website event so I know how many people are coming. The Diplo June event runs from June 24 - July 1. Join us for specific game days and for your chance to win free game prizes!
  7. CNiper

    Lord of the Rings At-War

  8. The Discord is a great place to find other community members to play games with. You can help this process by self-assigning the roles you're interested in, adding you to the player list. To self assign a role, type .iam [rolename] To remove a role, type .iamn [rolename] Ex .iam Wc3 .iamn Squad Members can then ping this role when they are trying to find a game. Master Role List As found pinned in the gaming channels on Discord #social .iam Weeb [Access to Anime section] #first-person-shooter .iam BF = [Battlefield Series] .iam R6Siege = [Rainbow 6 Siege] .iam Chivalry = [Chivalry] .iam CSGO = [Counter Strike Global Offensive] .iam KF = [Killing Floor 1, 2] .iam SWB2 = [Star Wars Battlefront 2] .iam OW = [Overwatch] .iam VM2 = [Vermintide 2] .iam M&B = [Mount & Blade] .iam L4D2 = [Left for Dead 2] .iam DRG = [Deep Rock Galactic] .iam Insurgency = [Insurgency + Sandstorm] .iam PUBG = [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battle Grounds] .iam Apex = [Apex Legends] .iam Mordhau = [Mordhau] .iam PS2 = [Planetside 2] .iam Squad = [Squad] .iam TF2 = [Team Fortress 2] .iam BL3 = [Borderlands 3] #free-online .iam BGO = [Board Game Online] .iam CAH = [Cards Against Humanity] .iam At-War = [At-War] #grand-strategy .iam EU4 = [Europa Univeralis 4] .iam HoI4 = [Hearts of Iron 4] .iam Stellaris = [Stellaris] .iam Ck2 = [Crusader Kings 2] .iam Civ = [Civilization Series] .iam M2TW [Medieval II: Total War] .iam R2TW [Rome II: Total War] .iam S2TW [Shogun II: Total War] .iam WHTW [Warhammer: Total War Series] #massively-multiplayer .iam WoW = [World of Warcraft] .iam Runescape = [Runescape] .iam Destiny2 = [Destiny 2] .iam SoT = [Sea of Thieves] .iam GTA = [Grand Theft Auto] .iam Warframe = [Warframe] .iam Dauntless = [Dauntless] #moba .iam NA HotS = [Heroes of the Storm NA] .iam EU HotS = [Heroes of the Storm EU] .iam Dota2 = [Defence of the Ancients 2] .iam Battlerite = [Battlerite] .iam Paladins = [Paladins] .iam LoL = [League of Legends] #real-time-strategy .iam 7D2D = [7 Days to Die] .iam Factorio = [Factorio] .iam Ark = [Ark Series] .iam Gmod = [Garry's Mod] .iam SE = [Space Engineers] .iam Minecraft = [Minecraft] #tabletop-and-minis .iam Tabletop = [Tabletop Simulator] .iam D&D = [Dungeons & Dragons] .iam MTG = [Magic the Gathering]
  9. until

  10. New site look, and some added features! 

  11. CNiper

    Insurgency Sandstorm

    Co-op comp stomp on the private server, in house Push + Firefight, then take to public to blast the pubs. RSVP if interested so we know which numbers to work with. Bring your favourite Molotovs. Best dressed character wins a random game off the Diplo Games list.
  12. CNiper

    WW1: At-War [11 Players]

    new link because spank err'd the UK so it couldn't be picked
  13. CNiper

    WW1: At-War [11 Players]

    Vinyl I pinged you on Discord, but Lee already called that sadly. Do you want to play Serbia in my stead?