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  1. 'I think it's about time to re-institute my 'no claims without screenshots' policy. I reserve the right to pull quotes out of context and contextualize them in a way that suits me and my arguments. ' Fixed. This is a hitjob. You pride yourself on your study of law so: 1. Its the accusers job to build up a valid case, its not my job to help you 2. Its not the defendants job to supply the rope. That being said, please post the whole chat if you'd like an actual response. Otherwise, this is just a sorry excuse for an actual take on anything.
  2. I could refute the points you posted, but whats the point? How about you stop being transparent only when it makes you look good and makes others look bad? If you really want me to care how about your arguments share the entire chat. But you wont because you cant. The chat reveals a context that is lost on the reader when a sliver is cut out to defame this way. I'm pretty sure you know that Fergus so I won't give your poor excuse of a hit-job the validation of a refutation. That being said, I'm pretty sure Van is a big boy who can fight his own battles, which I might add, he started. He spread unfounded stories about me. Every lie that came out of DG was related to him in some way. I can't say for certain that it was him in every case but something certainly stinks in his vicinity. Every attempt at discovery of what his real grievances were resulted in more toxicity and defensiveness. His poor attempts at double binds won't slow me down from scrutinizing his bullshit excuses for being toxic towards me. If someone has beef with me they can say what their beef is or hold their peace. Everything Van does proves that the only reason why he hasn't explained his problems with me is because, deep down, he realizes that they don't hold a candle to scrutiny. Otherwise it would be out there. He'd tell me and people would agree with him. But he knows he's wrong. In addition, Van wishes death and bodily harm upon me, dragged my family into this because I trolled him with a playlist and here you are still defending our exemplar of the community. If you wanted me to take this seriously, you wouldn't have made this mistake in addition to your first. In closing, my favorite Surah from the Quran: 1. “Say: O you disbelievers," 2. “1 worship not what you worship," 3. “Nor do you worship Whom I worship," 4. “Neither shall I worship what you worship," 5. “Nor will you worship Whom I worship," 6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion.” If you dont want to be part of Diplomunion, thats fine. Don't be. I just think its sad. Your'e all adults who can make your own choices. Just keep me out of it. Don't talk about me and just leave me be. Build something of your own that makes you proud, and don't try to change mine. I've made my peace that I can't please everyone and I certainly can't please you. At the end I think my system is better because I'm not an ideologue and I match my temperment and attitude to those who approach me. To those who treat me with respect, I'll treat with twice more. To those who treat me with scorn, the same. Everything will be out in the open and nothing will be hidden.
  3. Your opinion does matter. Abdel#6607 on discord

  4. Finally, something of substance. 1) We boxed your opinion out because you were negotiating with someone who had no loyalty to diplo, only themselves. Your inability to respond to our arguments which we gave you in voice chat apart from repeatedly saying "I dont understand why there cant be two WM campaigns on diplo"x10, and instead, going behind our backs meant that Phal and Bors lost trust in you and started plans to leave the community on February 6th. 2) I do take responsibility for my actions when it comes to "fanning the flames" and I stepped down for them. I did and still do believe I did the right thing for Diplo and if Diplo has decided that my judgement calls are not in sync with the community, then I'd gladly step down. I've been consistent in all my decision making and will continue to be so. Rather, as Rowen would remind us for the 50th time, the community has changed. 3) I would not listen to you presenting another side of the story because you had no side of the story aside from total and complete capitulation to the first sign of pressure. 4) I called you names because you continued being the aggressively nice diplomat that nobody in Adminchat and everyone in the community knows you to be. Take off the damn mask. 5) I did not act rashly, I sat on this for a month until the patrons, no doubt roused up by PP and Bane, increasingly demanded answers. We gave you time to come back with your solution and you never did apart from say "I dont understand why there cant be two WM campaigns on Diplo" For the record, this is what I argued to you: Phalanx and Bors put a lot of work into the project that Bane ended up copying/stealing. Just because Bane and his friends refuse to be governed by someone who is not them, doesnt mean they should be rewarded by clipping phal and bors' wings before they could fly. I made the patent argument, that they should be given a timeframe to build wha tthey want to build without competition, after which, once they got their project off the ground, then the LR and Warcraft Total War spinoffs would be allowed to be created. In your own example that you give in your video, you mention LR. LR didnt take off immediately with Azeroth Wars. Azeroth wars was pretty well established and had a 5 year track record. It was only after AZW experienced success and left the spotlight. These mapmakers were highly protective of their work while they were being actively developed. They wanted to earn the praise and accolades that came with producing a good map, not for someone to come and steal all their ideas and implement it over them. That is why I didnt want two WM campaigns.
  5. They dont need to be set in stone with moderators. I agree if this was a normal member without leadership privileges this would be a non-issue and I would be completely in the wrong for cancelling their patreon donation and/or taking any further steps. There are standards that moderators should follow, and one of those is "DONT FEED THE FLAMES VS YOUR COLLEAGUES". Bane was a moderator who knew patron chat was off limits to standard members (including other moderators) because we were having the discussion in moderator chat whether moderators should have access to the chat when he was screenshotting that chat. If a moderator doesnt meet my standards for being a moderator then they get fired.
  6. Bane also posted screens of moderator chat to his diplo competing discord but surprise surprise to no one, he thinks hes above all the ethics and principles everyone in the diplo staff holds themselves to.
  7. The majority of the admins (at the time) decided that the person to run PP on diplo would be a neutral party. Through no fault of his own, Lurch is not a neutral and unbiased game lead. Gavin came up with the idea of allowing you guys to be affiliated with Diplo but continuing to operate on the other discord, which we also agreed to. If this is what it comes to as a result I'm going to laugh my ass off that Cniper just couldn't stop being a scheming cunt for 2 seconds to try and bargain with us instead of creating a video, diminishing D3s name in the title, throwing the entire leadership staff except himself under the bus.
  8. Yes but because Bors and Phal are leaving with entirely different grievances, people who have a vested interest of not looking bad and lying to the community are conflating me in with them. We already seceded that there could be 2 WM D&D campaigns on Diplo. Cniper wasn't negotiating with us in good faith. Cniper was being a cunt. "WHY IS BORS STILL A MOD IF BANE ISNT ONE" > 3 hours previous in admin chat: "Bors this is your final warning before I unmod you" "There can be 2 WM campaigns as long as Bane doesnt lead it. Bane has no business being a game lead" "WOW MOVING THE GOALPOSTS" "Its called taking feedback, listening, and moving to meet it" > Tells the rest of the community afterwards: "MOVING GOAL POSTS" You knew what our position was and where we stood and you feigned ignorance to score points with the angry mob. You're a dishonest, lying, backstabbing cunt. Cniper wanted to quit a few months ago due to inside drama, and at that point, he actually had a friend: As opposed to this friend: C U N T N I P P E R You want to drag my name through the mud? Lets go homeboy, lets see what you got.
  9. Let me translate in terms you'll understand. I threw the banhammer at someone who shared the contents of private patron chat.
  10. Because I've known Bane for 10+ years and I know who he is as a person. I dont consider him my enemy. But I know where he goes at his worst and its my job as his friend not to enable his worst tendencies. In my assessment, being surrounded by his real life personal friends are what exacerbated those tendencies until we came to a head with the events of Dec 2018.
  11. No I dont think bane is malicious, I feel that he is hurt and being vindictive, has good intentions but isn't looking more then 2 steps ahead of where he's trying to go.
  12. On this subject, Jan 23rd. But we played wow together in beginning of February.