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  1. until
    Join the schism healing party by starting a world war! Hooray! Sign up for a country here: https://www.diplomunion.com/forums/topic/22133-burdens-hoi4-game-1/
  2. until
    Weekly game starting May 26th! Casual oriented, I want everyone who wants to make it to the end game crisis, make it. No hard rules, but don't be a dick, especially to players obviously below your skill level or with an obviously worse start. The banhammer shall be swift and unmerciful.
  3. So are we over this shit yet boys
  4. Spectacular read so far Fergus.
  5. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! My character does a lot of drugs. Have fun with him.
  6. sure its not peak eu4 but its definitely still fun
  7. Burden

    Weekly EU4 Game

    Hello! I'll be hosting a weekly EU4 game with all dlc enabled every friday night at 8pm est, 1am gmt. Pick your country here:
  8. Hi Gents, I'm sad there isn't a weekly diplo eu4 game anymore. Let's remedy that. Join me as I try to form the pirate nation of Tortuga in a multiplayer game, Friday Dec 28th, 2018 8:00pm est 1:00am gmt All dlc will be enabled, including almost all content packs so the game will be extra pretty! Leave a reply with which nation you'd like to play, my only rules are don't fuck over other players via exploits and no 100% warscore deals involving ONLY land between players (ie no refusing peace until you get as much territory as possible and thus ruining the other players economy etc.) This is meant to be a fun game not about being GP #1. Leave a reply below with the country you'd like to play. Burden: Portugal (please let me form tortuga)
  9. That’s okay Cole, that’s why we’re in teams. You are welcome to join team underdog.
  10. it was hard to read on black theme. Who wants to try this? I do, Please put burden on team Underdog
  11. Burden

    Picture of You

    That'd be your old guard Ellesitian duke Pimpin_nange
  12. Burden

    Picture of You

    Young Kavanaugh on his way to the big leagues