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  1. In the Republican primary back in 2000, in South Carolina, McCain was looking like the man to win the state. ... Until George Bush/Karl Rove spread a questionnaire statewide asking if voters would be "more or less likely to vote for John McCain if they knew he fathered an illegitimate black child?". McCain had been traveling the campaign trail with his adopted Bangladeshi daughter Bridget, and within a few days every backwater Carolinian was calling McCain a miscegenator.
  2. "this year"? Am I the only one who remembers the Republican ads saying John McCain was a godless race traitor for fathering "illegitimate black children"? Nothing's off limits to the GOP.
  3. I recall a story years ago about American soldiers stationed in Iraq, mostly on boring guard duty/standby/training while being fed near-endless Burger King and sweets to "keep morale up". They called it the Baghdad Bulge.
  4. Is it? A rump state isn't an insult, it's the remnant of a larger state that shrank in the wake of secession, annexation, occupation or decolonization. The empire that used to be involved British control over territories across all continents, with the physical UK acting as a political and financial nerve center. Now there is no empire, it's just the nerve center standing on its own. And the whole reason for the empire in the first place was because the UK lacks the resources to maintain world power by itself. Reputation is a subjective matter, but in terms of soft power and national brand, the best case is that it's lost ground to growing countries and its position as a NATO extension sets its diplomacy in stone. That its reputation in Europe has gone down goes without saying. My point exactly. The line will go farther down to developing countries, not back towards Europe. When I said it was a small country, I was referring to its population in the context of China's initial ability to waive labor costs. 65 million with a growth rate dependent on migrants that the country now largely resents, vs. the hundreds of millions/billions exploding elsewhere. It's fair to point out that the UK is still one of the most developed economies on the planet, but as you say, the future for developed economies is in knowledge and high tech/innovative industries. The UK's place in that future isn't written. Nope. Are you referring to British partnership with India or something else?
  5. It does matter. We take it for granted that the shipping to and from China is worthwhile, but in that assumption we forget the enormous costs it involves. It's not that distance is a nonissue. It's that the benefits of bulk outweigh the downsides. China is the industrialized, educated home to the largest human population on Earth. It's been humanity's manufacturing center not just in the modern era, but as far back as recorded history goes. The shipping is worthwhile because of the colossal market it taps. Labor and material costs are arbitrary to them. The UK is not China. The UK is not a billion-strong manufacturing and resource exchange center. The UK is a small service economy with no special resources or existing industry to offer that its best trading prospects outside the EU don't already have. It catapulted to world prominence on the back of the industrial revolution, which it was able to lead due to its combination of resources, naval development and unmolested territory. It got the max tech level and wielded it. Now the rest of the world's caught up, and there is no homefield advantage making Britain special from anywhere else in terms of developing the future. It doesn't matter whether Britain remains or exits the EU. The British Empire's days are over. Its only hope for world prominence is to be a respectable voice of dignity amidst a larger coalition, but it's lost much of that reputation. Satellite of Europe, satellite of the USA, or just the rump state of a dead empire. Those are its options now. I don't blame any briton for pinning their hopes on one over another.
  6. Depends who you ask. Long story short: MOX (short for mixed-oxide fuel) is a composite fuel alternative to what nuclear power plants use. Generally plants use LEU (low-enriched uranium), while MOX is a mixture of plutonium with recycled or depleted uranium. It's not the best alternative, as the "traditional" thermal reactor doesn't handle plutonium well, but newer fast-neutron reactors can. Those who support its use are generally those who support expansion of nuclear power overall, putting forward the idea that Cold War weapon systems should be retired and repurposed for energy. MOX could potentially make nuclear energy cheaper as well, assuming its refinement can be established and supplies hold. Those against it come from various sectors. There's the obvious anti-nuclear camp, which opposes any expansion of nuclear energy, but they're not the ones with influence. The arguments being listened to have to do with cost and security. As South Carolina has demonstrated, the real cost of refining operations is huge and requires state backing to remain viable, while national security advice warns against MOX proliferation over fears of making weapons-grade nuclear materials 10x easier for terrorists (or just foreign agents) to acquire. Combined with scientific organizations like the UCS recommending against it, the Obama administration opposed it early on. It's not surprising that the Trump administration would too, with the generals and energy department saying shut it down. My personal opinion: Good riddance, but I feel bad for South Carolina's losses.
  7. Can you explain to me how anyone knows something for a fact via intuition? The reality of deciding facts by intuition in places like Chicago is a 50+ year legacy of getting it wrong.
  8. "“Colleagues will not tolerate a half in, half out Brexit,” Even though that was the result of the vote ?
  9. Stop and frisk: Because gun rights and search & seizure laws are sacred... Unless they're black! This isn't new. Chicago alone has tried this plenty before, and not only has it never worked, it's been shot down in court case after court case as unconstitutional. It has no positive effect, other than making suburban voters feel good about themselves.
  10. But then I'll have to think before saying things ?
  12. Just put a tax on it or something geez
  13. Is the one being mentioned whenever news reports start with "Florida man"