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  1. United Kingdom
  2. I'm taking care of it. Are you going to be on wc3reforged ? I don't even remember playing much wc3 with you
  3. Fuck I miss the visceral girth of the ViskRat I was back in K/W this summer Visk why didn't we chill. I still have to kick you in the ribs
  4. I was just thinking about you yesterday with all the wc3 nostalgia going on Your daddy's dead and so are you
  5. Hey Feanor, long time my old friend. Sorry I don't come around much anymore - hopefully change that now. Having knee reconstruction surgery for a torn ACL and miniscus damage tomorrow, so I'll be immobile and unemployed for a bit

    It was my own damn fault. I was marking one of Trudeau's child refugees, and if he would have gotten one more touch on the ball, he was going to move him and his 6 children into my apartment and make me pay for it. Over extended and pivoted on the knee and felt it go pop. Now I'm getting fat


    Anyway, I would send you a personal message but apparently my inbox is 1036% full and deleting individual messages doesn't make much of a difference in that. Hope you've been doing well


    PS. I still owe you a goodie box that Grunty1 never sent you

  6. If we're to use the forums again, we must do better than /beg threads
  7. This new forum layout feels off
  8. Spankfurt


    Visk i'll be back in KW end of July want to get your ass kicked again?
  9. Spankfurt


    Hey G, thanks for stopping in. Congrats on your first son, I hope he is stronger and healthier than you were
  10. Cniper should advertise on discord for people who can fix diplo
  11. Spankfurt

    Picture of You

    Doing it like this because photobucket is fucking me over
  12. Spankfurt

    Picture of You

    And my pic I uploaded is down via photobucket, apparently Don't know who's end that is on but I'll try to post it again
  13. The name of the chief engineer on the ship that I worked on was; Vanden Deal I thought of you every time I had to deal with him. Which was every day. Helped that he was a surly drunk old 5'3 gnome