• What is it?
    Heroes Draft (formally DGL) is an ELO based "Hero League" style competition where captains are picked and choose their players much like backyard football or kickball. 

    How do I play?

    • Your in game level must be 125.
    • Join the DGL HotS Discord, and upload a screenshot your Storm League profile in #confirmation.
    • 6pm EST Sunday every week.
    • Join the Discord voice chat to be drafted.
    • Type "/join Heroes Draft" in game.

    Prizes & Timeline

    • Season 3 will be announced soon, most likely July 2019.
    • Winner of the season will receive a $50 Steam GC.
    • The next four runners up will receive 15 loot crates each.

    How can I help?
    We're always looking for facilitators, casters, and asset artists - if you're interested in volunteering with us please fill out this form - https://goo.gl/forms/MwmVWZIKyrs3DFu72