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Discord Player List Roles

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The Discord is a great place to find other community members to play games with. You can help this process by self-assigning the roles you're interested in, adding you to the player list.

To self assign a role, type .iam [rolename]
To remove a role, type .iamn [rolename]

.iam Wc3
.iamn Squad

Members can then ping this role when they are trying to find a game.

Master Role List
As found pinned in the gaming channels on Discord

.iam Weeb [Access to Anime section]

.iam BF = [Battlefield Series]
.iam R6Siege = [Rainbow 6 Siege]
.iam Chivalry = [Chivalry]
.iam CSGO = [Counter Strike Global Offensive]
.iam KF = [Killing Floor 1, 2]
.iam SWB2 = [Star Wars Battlefront 2]
.iam OW = [Overwatch]
.iam VM2 = [Vermintide 2]
.iam M&B = [Mount & Blade]
.iam L4D2 = [Left for Dead 2]
.iam DRG = [Deep Rock Galactic]
.iam Insurgency = [Insurgency + Sandstorm]
.iam PUBG = [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battle Grounds]
.iam Apex = [Apex Legends]
.iam Mordhau = [Mordhau]
.iam PS2 = [Planetside 2]
.iam Squad = [Squad]
.iam TF2 = [Team Fortress 2]
.iam BL3 = [Borderlands 3]

.iam BGO = [Board Game Online]
.iam CAH = [Cards Against Humanity]
.iam At-War = [At-War]

.iam EU4 = [Europa Univeralis 4]
.iam HoI4 = [Hearts of Iron 4]
.iam Stellaris = [Stellaris]
.iam Ck2 = [Crusader Kings 2]
.iam Civ = [Civilization Series]
.iam M2TW [Medieval II: Total War]
.iam R2TW [Rome II: Total War]
.iam S2TW [Shogun II: Total War]
.iam WHTW [Warhammer: Total War Series]

.iam WoW = [World of Warcraft]
.iam Runescape = [Runescape]
.iam Destiny2 = [Destiny 2]
.iam SoT = [Sea of Thieves]
.iam GTA = [Grand Theft Auto]
.iam Warframe = [Warframe]
.iam Dauntless = [Dauntless]

.iam NA HotS = [Heroes of the Storm NA]
.iam EU HotS = [Heroes of the Storm EU]
.iam Dota2 = [Defence of the Ancients 2]
.iam Battlerite = [Battlerite]
.iam Paladins = [Paladins]
.iam LoL = [League of Legends]

.iam 7D2D = [7 Days to Die]
.iam Factorio = [Factorio]
.iam Ark = [Ark Series]
.iam Gmod = [Garry's Mod]
.iam SE = [Space Engineers]
.iam Minecraft = [Minecraft]

.iam Tabletop = [Tabletop Simulator]
.iam D&D = [Dungeons & Dragons]
.iam MTG = [Magic the Gathering]

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