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  2. @WendigoVDB Chaotic Good, Paladins are the Lawful Goods as they swear by an Oath, and Clerics simply worship.

  3. @WendigoVDB @TheGodDamnDM That's an acrobatics check. It's a matter of dexterity and movement, not strength.

  4. @WendigoVDB @TheGodDamnDM DM : Uhhhh sure, go for it.

    Monk : 14

    DM : You break through the bushes with a wide kic…

  5. @WendigoVDB @_Sushirolled_ @Lemonkeeperrr No, absolutely not. However neither Fighters or Monks get access to Cantr…

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    You have to play England,Sweden or Danemark in troublemode to unlock iceland. You unlock cyprus by conquering all ports.
  7. @EvanS93249218 @Lukge1 @MemesDnd The chaos alone would make it worth it

  8. @EvanS93249218 @Lukge1 @MemesDnd I live for a world where reposts get sued.

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    I'm not sure if this forum is still active given that the last post was in 2017. Anyway, how do you unlock the nation of Iceland? I don't see it on the list at the beginning and I don't see it for any achievements. I've heard from a couple players who say i have to control all the ports, but that's for Cyprus.
  10. lee0181


    As juve sleeps In the communal cots Almost the same time every night Crying can be heard from her. She wakes up soon after Gathers her things ."I'm heads off to the dock" . Those the are awake in town before daybreak Can see her Fishing . She Takes her monstrous catch And heads to black star nearly every morning And cooks Feeding the man a hearty healthy Breakfast And brings the special plate to ish Like he was her own son . "Good morning ish I have, Fed the men "
  11. Come join us in our never ending battle against the horde of zombies and sub humans!
  12. Praet issue 60 in the flesh, posted at the request of everyone's favorite drunken kiwi.
  13. "As you wish. But do not expect me to show any mercy on the battlefield when the Iron Chain is knocking on the door of our main gate and we have no army. The Khala Dharvus will guide us, and rebuild those of us too weak to stand up and fight." Sha'a Gi would then turn towards the door, "His eyes are upon us all, if we do not prepare properly he will remake us before he remakes them, and we do not want that, my friend. For the Khala Dharvus, and for honor and glory." Sha'a Gi would then exit the administration building, heading back to the Promareon to prepare for his next sermons.
  14. Dresk looked up from his letter. “You lost your rank for more then that. You failed to come up with a plan to pay all of your officers and the soldiers themselves which has lead them to not get trained. It is also for your apparent inability to take responsibility for your actions.” Dresk explained packing his trusted pipe. “You once again want to hide behind getting possessed or being a vampire as the cause of your problems.” The tortel said said then taking a draw from the pipe. “And to be honest, my friend, the public wants you removed and as you put it when you defended your actions of receiving the gift, we are a town that runs on democracy.” Dresk explained as a cloud of smoke escaped is mouth. “Now as I said I am busy, please see yourself out.”
  15. Uhh, that's not how the display of evidence goes. I've provided evidence, it is now on you to disprove that evidence. This isn't even like, pre lawschool stuff, that's law 12 stuff. Once again, what part of the chat? I already posted more of the chat? I'm posting more and there's nothing hugely changing here? It doesn't undermine my central points, which are: Arguing with you guys has been circular, and results in saying of mean things to me. Here's the entire log of what happened. You came to speak to me, ostensibly for nice reasons. Then you started to insult me after it was clear that I wasn't just gonna roll over.
  16. 'I think it's about time to re-institute my 'no claims without screenshots' policy. I reserve the right to pull quotes out of context and contextualize them in a way that suits me and my arguments. ' Fixed. This is a hitjob. You pride yourself on your study of law so: 1. Its the accusers job to build up a valid case, its not my job to help you 2. Its not the defendants job to supply the rope. That being said, please post the whole chat if you'd like an actual response. Otherwise, this is just a sorry excuse for an actual take on anything.
  17. Which chat? I'm happy to dude. I did the one I think you mean, but it doesn't change that much Like, this isn't supposed to be a hit piece at all. It's just me explaining why I wasn't responding to phal's question about why I wasn't on diplo. I thought it was another attempt to rehash the same argument, although I've learned that the two of you have much more separate ideas of what is and isn't a reason to be there. I mean, we'll still talk about you, as you talk about us. I have in fact, searched the chat on nova diplo. But I'm happy to leave you guys alone, that's pretty much what I've been doing. You did after all, message me first. I think this is the most telling part, my dude. I opened with this: But once again; this isn't supposed to be a hit piece. This is supposed to be a standing testament to why I don't want to have to argue any more. My position is out there, and I'm tired of having statements made about my character for having them. It's on diplo gaming, I'm not harassing nova diplo with it. I'm trying to even keep it off of the salty d's.
  18. You have access to those chats too, Abdel. If the context is so important, post it yourself.
  19. I could refute the points you posted, but whats the point? How about you stop being transparent only when it makes you look good and makes others look bad? If you really want me to care how about your arguments share the entire chat. But you wont because you cant. The chat reveals a context that is lost on the reader when a sliver is cut out to defame this way. I'm pretty sure you know that Fergus so I won't give your poor excuse of a hit-job the validation of a refutation. That being said, I'm pretty sure Van is a big boy who can fight his own battles, which I might add, he started. He spread unfounded stories about me. Every lie that came out of DG was related to him in some way. I can't say for certain that it was him in every case but something certainly stinks in his vicinity. Every attempt at discovery of what his real grievances were resulted in more toxicity and defensiveness. His poor attempts at double binds won't slow me down from scrutinizing his bullshit excuses for being toxic towards me. If someone has beef with me they can say what their beef is or hold their peace. Everything Van does proves that the only reason why he hasn't explained his problems with me is because, deep down, he realizes that they don't hold a candle to scrutiny. Otherwise it would be out there. He'd tell me and people would agree with him. But he knows he's wrong. In addition, Van wishes death and bodily harm upon me, dragged my family into this because I trolled him with a playlist and here you are still defending our exemplar of the community. If you wanted me to take this seriously, you wouldn't have made this mistake in addition to your first. In closing, my favorite Surah from the Quran: 1. “Say: O you disbelievers," 2. “1 worship not what you worship," 3. “Nor do you worship Whom I worship," 4. “Neither shall I worship what you worship," 5. “Nor will you worship Whom I worship," 6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion.” If you dont want to be part of Diplomunion, thats fine. Don't be. I just think its sad. Your'e all adults who can make your own choices. Just keep me out of it. Don't talk about me and just leave me be. Build something of your own that makes you proud, and don't try to change mine. I've made my peace that I can't please everyone and I certainly can't please you. At the end I think my system is better because I'm not an ideologue and I match my temperment and attitude to those who approach me. To those who treat me with respect, I'll treat with twice more. To those who treat me with scorn, the same. Everything will be out in the open and nothing will be hidden.
  20. So I've created this thread so I can have somewhere to put all my thoughts about why I have not joined nova diplo in one place. There's been a metric fuckton of argument over it in the last few weeks, and I think it's about time to re-institute my 'no claims without screenshots' policy. You say person 'x' said 'y', you better be willing to use the search function to prove it. I will *probably* add to this at some point, because I've had to hurry this out the door to make a due date. So look, here’s the key fundamental of what I want; I don’t want to be in a diplo where the person in power is both wielding authority, and beholden to none. Part of why I like the Salty Ds, is that it’s explicitly bors creating something that is entirely laissez-faire. He doesn’t have grand plans, rules or anything like that. It’s not what diplo is right now, it’s what diplo was in about 2013. You can see this in the system I helped build; there’s no one there who holds all the cards. But both nova diplo and diplo gaming are an evolution of that; they have events, grand plans and money. There's not anything inherently wrong with that, but it demands a higher level of insurance than a wc3 clan. So I have two very similar questions in my inbox about why I’m not on Nova Diplo. Meanwhile, you guys attack people for saying bad things about you guys, and then I get things like this In my inbox, and what am I supposed to say to this? The irony is *probably* not lost on ABDeL, so what point in making this statement, other than to be hurtful? I’ve been having these same arguments for ages. The reason I've stopped responding is that neither phal nor abdel seem to be willing to acknowledge that my distinct desire not to be in a system where someone holds all the cards as a valid one. That is a fundamental desire, hammered in in my upbringing. In many ways van has once again succinctly put what I could not. These arguments keep descending into defending my own character with ABDel. In these you can see one of the harder issues; ABDeL and Phal are not a consistent body. I can't argue with both of them about the same issues but with different angles. Am I supposed to believe that Nova Diplo was established purely to spite cniper, or because people didn't want the reforms I was producing? Who knows, because the two most senior people there disagree. As for arguing with Phal, how can I do so if the arguments are based on foundations that are *fundamentally* untrue? And then we get into this final issue, which is your guys arguments don't seem to be reflecting reality any more. Phal, you are discussing issues so far into the mists that you do not remember them correctly, and I have to go digging to disprove it (Example) And finally so that I can show I've danced this little dance before. To make clear my thesis: I believe that Diplo should not be run by a single person, and should not be only about gaming. It's a discussion forum equal parts a gaming one. Hence why I advocated for a discussion community lead, and why the current diplo hierarchy is so crowded. But I'm tired of having to fight against a verbal bulldozer to disprove it. I argued with feanor for many years, and at least arguing with Feanor revolved around him finding smaller and smaller nitpicks until victory. But here? The same argument just keeps getting dragged out, a new coat of paint thrown on it and then thrown at me. Without evidence and screenshots, none of this matters.
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    Join the schism healing party by starting a world war! Hooray! Sign up for a country here:
  22. Sha'a Gi seems pleased about the upcoming war with the Iron Chain company. "So, you are finally seeing that these zealots cannot coexist with us? I am glad, my friend. And this is not only about my physical changes. I lost my rank for actions that happened under the influence of possession in case you weren't aware. And I've noticed no progress has been made at all with the military since I've been placed on this public work. I worry that when the time for war is upon us, our military will be lacking, and we can't keep expecting Blackstar to be there on Valerra's behalf alone, it is not their place. We cannot afford to doddle around when the time to prove our strength is so close at hand, can you ensure to me that the military will have the rest of its training and be fully equipped by the time the war starts? If not I feel it is in Valerra's best interest for me to step back in and continue my training of them."
  23. Dresk set the the pen he was using to write letters down on his desk. “Listen here and listen now. “I do not have time to babysit everyone in this colony. In case you have not noticed we are about to enter a war with the Iron chain, something is agitating ancient dead in the swamps, the swagen king is allied with the gnolls to gather slaves. I have much bigger problems to deal with then your physical changes.” Dresk explained doing his best to keep a level head. “Now if that is all I need to get back to getting these letters out. See yourself out please.” Dresk said picking the pen up to go back to writing.
  24. CNiper

    Catan + Seafarers

    I'll be hosting Catan @ through Table Top Simulator on Steam 6 players SEAFARERS expansion, need mic. Sunday 10am Mountain Standard Time, log in to the site with Discord account to get automatic time correction. For the first time I'll be tracking who wins, just for fun. Since we were playing so often it would be neat to see who really is the master (so we can gang them).
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