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    • 05 April 2020
      Going to play some games each week as ill be on Summer leave, flexible but most sessions will be played on the weekend as that's when people are free however we can mix and match for availability. You can be any nation bar a few I.e. India and don't cock block people i.e. choosing a nation right next too someone so you can invade them 5min into the game.
    • 07 April 2020 01:00 AM
      Come join us in our never ending battle against the horde of zombies and sub humans!
    • 10 April 2020 12:00 AM
      Squad up and PTFO with the bois
    • 31 August 2020 01:00 AM
      Every Monday starting July 8th let's get Daized and not-so-confused in GTA V.  We can either run heists, mess around, Arena, or RP thru this server https://discord.gg/RMPJ7b . If you wanna RP and have any questions you can message me on Discord at :
      DAIZ (Non-Binary-Basilisk Mod)#9944 
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